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To a child, each day is an adventure filled with new experiences and lessons. At Grow Academy, our goal is to guide our students on their personal adventures in order to facilitate maximum mental, physical, and emotional growth. We strive to create a nurturing environment, not only for our students to learn, but also for their parents to feel welcome and comfortable. Our mission is to play an integral role in our students lives--to help them as they grow into healthy, productive, well-rounded individuals.

Mental Growth

Physical Growth

Our curriculum provides a stimulating and challenging experience for each student. Each child's progress is tracked to ensure that he or she is meeting his or her potential. At Grow Academy, we recognize that no two children learn in exactly the same way, so our teachers employ a variety of teaching methods to engage every student. Communication and cooperation with parents are key to making the most of a child's education. Consistency at home and at school reinforces the child's learning and helps with retention. Thus, in addition to challenging each child to be his or her best in the classroom, teachers communicate with parents so that the learning can continue at home. We also incorporate programs, such as music lessons, to keep children interested in their daily lessons and expand their knowledge and skills.

It is imperative to teach a child healthy habits at a young age because it provides the foundation for the rest of his or her life. At Grow Academy, we believe that this requires healthy eating habits and regular exercise. Our students have ample outdoor play time everyday to stretch their legs, run, and play. We also incorporate regular programs, such as ballet and karate, that make physical activity fun and interesting to our students. Our menu features healthy foods to ensure students receive the nutrients they need to fuel their bodies.

Our menu

At Grow Academy, our menu is formulated to provide your child with the nutrition he or she needs to stay active and healthy. To accomplish this, we make sure to offer a variety of foods. Our offerings include ample grains, vegetables, and fruits. We also strive to keep our meals low in fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, sugar, and sodium. We post our weekly menu online and in the center so you know exactly what your child is eating.

Another consideration for our menu is what you want. We understand that your child may have special dietary needs. If your child has food allergies, that information is posted in our kitchen as well as in your child's classroom. If you have other dietary concerns, we are more than happy to accommodate. An all-organic menu is available for an additional fee. For more information, please contact the director.

Emotional Growth

Our Mission

Building a child's self-esteem at a young age is essential to his or her success later in life. At Grow Academy, we treat every person with dignity, respect, and understanding. It is our philosophy that by following the Golden Rule and treating others as we would like to be treated, we teach the students to respect and appreciate themselves and others. It takes a thousand compliments to make up for a single criticism, so there is no room for unkind words or harsh tones. Rather, we teach children to communicate with adults as well as their peers by using language that informs without causing harm.